intuitionI think, by and large, we have lost the ability to listen to our intuition.  Yet, in the English language there are many references – I had a gut feeling, I wish I’d followed by gut, I had a sinking feeling.

For me now, that gut feeling means that I need to step back from what I’m doing, listen, and take notice. For sure, there is something that needs me attention.

For several years now I have tuned into to my intuition, my instinct, and my gut feelings. I’m so glad I did. It has never let me down.  When I was ignoring it and thinking that I knew all the answers, there were days when I felt ill-at-ease and uncentred.  Now my life feels balanced and I absolutely KNOW that I am going in the right direction.  I still have decisions to make and life doesn’t go away but I feel confident in my direction – a confidence based on emotional clues.

Tips to help get you started

  1.  Switch off the car radio or take out your headphones.  Your inner ear doesn’t get a chance if you are bombarding your physical ears.
  2. Ditto, the computer your mobile phone, the TV – if only for 30 minutes a day.  Give silence a chance.  If you can start to meditate so much the better.
  3. Set some time aside each day to admire the natural world around you.
  4. Keep a note of all your serendipities.  People often refer to them as flukes but they are not. – There is a message in there somewhere for you.
  5. Take note of scents and aromas – what memories do they stir up?
  6. Take note of sights and sounds – what memories do they arouse?

Continue developing your intuition

Try this fun activity to help to develop your intuition. Try to ‘guess’ how many emails will be waiting in your mailbox when you get home.   You may not guess accurately at first but see how it improves with repetition.

Get in touch with any activities that you have invented and found useful

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