“All great men are gifted with intuition. They know without reasoning or analysis, what they need to know.”

~ Alexis Carrel

“I feel honored to have you on my side, Vivien.  This holistic way of looking at things is a great idea and already I can see benefits in my creative life, my home life, the decisions I make about money and relationships.”  SL – USA.

 “The session we had on creating in the middle of things has really helped me honour my creativity while at the same time participating in life  It was so easy really, I dont know why I hadnt thought of these solutions before.  Once Id broken down those sub-conscious barriers we talked about, I gained a lot of mental freedom which Im enjoying enormously.”  JP – UK

Thanks for pushing me, Vivien.   I realise that I have been avoiding things.” I have produced a vision board to kick start myself a bit”.   RR – USA

Thanks for todays session.  I really appreciated being able to talk so openly and freely.”  BO – UK

I felt so nervous at the start of the session but the ideas we generated made me feel inspired to move forward”  LP – UK

This is an excellent initiative for changing your life.  I didnt like some of the things I discovered about myself, but this discovery only makes me more determined to change and reach my goals.”  CP – Germany 

Its so easy to find solutions with a bit of help from a coach.  Thanks for the opportunity to work with you, Vivien.”  SES – Sweden

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