Man SmilingHere are some activities to help you smile.

1.  Jump on the bed – Go on, it’s OK to do that. It’s not just for kids. You may feel stupid at first, but then you won’t be able to stop smiling.

2.  Smile at the mirror – Go on. I know for a lot of us, taking a good look isn’t easy. Practice real smiling. Imagine you see your partner or a much loved friend or relative. Smile and try to connect with the emotions you feel.

3.  Dance– Choose some of your favourite music and move around the entire space. Have fun!  Pretend you’re Billy Elliot or Tom Cruise

4.  Look at some baby pictures (of you or someone else) –Nine times out of time, baby pictures will bring a smile to our faces.

If you think you might forget to practice your smiles once you leave home, give yourself some triggers:

  • Send yourself an sms or email reminding you to smile more
  • Use the sound of your mobile phone as a trigger
  • Each time you make a cup of tea or coffee, make this a trigger for a practice smile

Let me know how it goes!


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