Making Your Creative MarkEric Maisel changes lives. His style is unique and his no-nonsense approach to his subjects is empowering. “Making Your Creative Mark” is a wonderful book for anybody who finds himself hovering in a no man’s land of creativity.  In it, Dr. Maisel brings understanding and focus. The book is great to read in one go, or to dip into when necessary. It should be on everyone’s bookshelf.

He distils complex concepts into a readily usable guide for a creative life.

The book identifies key areas which affect creative ability, paints vivid pictures and provides solid practical help. Frequently, we are bombarded with too much information today – we need concise guidance, and this book offers exactly that.

I loved the Freedom Key chapter. It is so easy to forget the freedoms we all possess, especially in a world where we often feel powerless and controlled. In this chapter, we begin to understand what freedom really means, the different kinds of freedom and how we might use them.

Another chapter which really struck a chord with me was the Societal Key, in which Dr.Maisel draws our attention to finding our place, and the place of our creativity, in the complicated world and society which surround us.

Finally, the wonderful Artist’s Plan brings together everything you might need in order to shape and develop your creativity.

As with all the books by Eric Maisel that I have read, I was left feeling that “Making Your Creative Mark” was written from the heart and that his reason for writing was to bring success into the lives of those who read it.


With thanks to New World Library for making the book available to me.

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