Vivien McKnight

Vivien McKnightCreativity Developer

I am a Creativity Developer, working with people from all walks of life.  I started out working with performing artists, writers, musicians and dancers and then became aware that the habits, strategies and techniques that they use would work equally well for each and every one of us, whatever our business. I work with civil servants, lawyers, housewives, business leaders, teachers and students – to name but a few.

From an early age I knew that communicating with others was something I just loved to do! But I was shy and communicating was not always easy for me. However I worked hard at my communication skills and developed strategies to help me. I became a coach and creativity developer as I had a big wish to help people become extraordinary in both their professional and personal lives.

Someone once asked me “What would you most like to know about yourself?” to which my answer was “I would like to know what I am capable of doing, what I can really achieve.”  This is the question that I energize other people to answer about themselves.

Exploration and enquiry are essential if we want to reach new places.  Without the acquisition of new knowledge we cannot grow and develop.  My philosophy is based on the premise that transforming your life means discovering your beliefs, values, passions and purpose and bringing these into line with your goals and dreams. I have transformed my own life and would like to continue helping others to transform theirs.

My style is intuitive, result focused, holistic and supportive.

Before becoming a creativity developer and life coach I worked in hospital administration and in private business, which included running my own language business. I have had several papers and books published to help people to reach their full creative potential.

I would love to work with you to help you to explore your creative side – otherwise you will never know what you are capable of!

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