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Top Ten Habits of Highly Creative PeopleCreativity is imagination in action and this course will stimulate your imagination and spur you into action.  By replicating some of the habits of highly successful creative people, we can bring creativity alive in our own lives.  It’s easier than you might think to be creative, to imagine and to make things happen.  The world needs its creative thinkers and doers now more than ever.

Rediscovering our creative potential is an exciting journey. Once you realise and accept that we are all born with enormous creative potential, you can begin to have a look at how to use this in your everyday life.

This course will teach you how to stretch your creative muscles and put into place habits and routines that help you be more creative.

Mastering the top ten habits that make creative people successful.
Having fun experimenting with these new ways of thinking and behaving
Listening to and reflecting on the concept of happiness and how by adjusting happiness levels you can produce even more creativity  Learn More



Create Your Way To Better HabitsHabit change isn’t easy – nothing worth doing ever is, but by simplifying the process and using a step by step approach, it can be done.

In this course you will learn what you need to do to make lasting changes in your life. Commitment to change is just one of them.

Stepping away and looking at yourself through new eyes will help you see things more clearly, so are you ready to face-up to all kinds of nasties, including doubts, fears, uncertainties and anxieties that may be holding you back?

In this course you learn:

Who you are and what you are currently dealing with

How to change habits and understanding how change happens
How to deal with that all important commitment
How to make change easier and more achievable
How to devise an action plan that works
What might be hindering your success
Plus wonderful videos to keep you motivated

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Speak with ConfidenceOur mind can be our greatest enemy but it can also be our best friend.   We all have a need and a desire to communicate with others but speaking in front of people is one of the things that most terrifies us as human beings.  Our response can range from mild anxiety to utter panic. The fear can be all consuming and incapacitating, causing us to fail to reach our full potential and preventing us from contributing to our families, our communities and our world.

Does any of this sound familiar?  Then is time to make a decision to change. With some knowledge and a willingness to work on yourself to make changes, your world can be vastly different. This course will examine fears and help you to track down any that you may have in your own life. It will also give you tried and tested tools to use to strengthen your mind and make you the person you are destined to be.

The course:

Teaches you  about the different kinds of fear.
Helps you discover which situations are holding you back. Strategies and activities to help  you to discover more about yourself
Gives you a techniques toolbox to dip into when you need to speak in front of others
Gives you some guided meditations to listen to

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Happiness Handbook

Happiness Handbook

“Fine, great, super, couldn’t be better.”    When you answer the question “How are you?”  in any of these or other similar ways, are you being honest?

Many people  play at being happy and hide being a mask  but often that mask is hiding a great deal of pain.  When you find yourself answering less than truthfully and feeling that something isn’t right inside, it’s time to start to acknowledge that there is unhappiness somewhere inside you and start to search it out.

Once you have identified the source, I’m sure it will be necessary to take some action to change the state of affairs and this ebook looks at some of the strategies you can try out.  So seek out the unhappiness and then decide what you need to change and finally experiment with some of the ideas in this book to bring about the change so that when you are asked “How are you?” you can answer sincerely “I’m just great, thanks.”

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Vivien McKnight

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