Self Sabotage Quiz


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Are you behaving inappropriately, e.g. going to bed late or drinking too much if you want to change your fitness habits?

Do you lose the motivation to commit yourself to anyone or anything?

Are you reluctant to take on the new responsibilities required?

Do you feel anxious about changing habits, even when there is no obvious cause for anxiety?

Do you get upset if you feel that you are being criticised in some way?

Do you put off actions or neglect duties, preferring to deal with non-essentials or trivia?

Do you talk a lot but take little or no action?

Sometimes without our fully realising it, we sabotage our efforts. If you have answered YES to more than two of these question, you could be in serious danger of becoming a self-saboteur.  You want to make some life changes but and doing lots of things to prevent change from taking place.

If you have discovered that you are self-sabotaging your attempts to make changes, resolve to break this loop and write down the ways you are going to combat self-sabotage.

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