Five Tips to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

 Indulge your reading impulses.

Read anything and everything that catches your fancy.  You never know what will come out of it – an idea for a project, a new hobby, or a reward for yourself

Make an ideas map or tree.
Put down anything that might help you see new possibilities

Buy box
Put in everything and anything that might become a project – a piece of material, a colour chart, a DVD a book, a newspaper cutting, and address or telephone number, business card , or a magazine.  Boxes become enormous sources of creative possibilities.  You may decide to adopt a tiger or start a course on accounting, who knows.

Go on a creative date.
If you were going out on a date with a special person, you would make sure you looked your best and you would be hoping to go somewhere that you would really enjoy.  So, too, with this date.  It means going out and doing something that makes you feel good, perhaps inspired even.

Be in the present moment.
We should take delight in the present moment and in everything in the world around us, the dawn of a new day, the colours of flowers and animals, the kindness shown to us by others and the opportunities to do a kindness for others, expecting nothing in return.  We need to be present in each moment and see the beauty in it.  If we can do this, we are much more likely to find our creativity there and not in the material things of the world.



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