Dealing With a Bad Hair Day

We all get and will continue to get days when we wish we had never stepped out from under the covers.  We may fail our driving test, have a disastrous journey to work because of traffic delays, bus strikes, atrocious meetings, criticisms from bosses or colleagues, a row with your partner, a rotten exam result, a disappointment with a job interview.  So what do we do to help ourselves feel better?

Fight an urge
Don’t give in and indulge yourself, with a cigarette, a glass too many of wine, a larger than usual piece of cake, a big spend on shoes. (my weakness!!)

Do something for someone else instead
Yes, that’s right, you heard.  It will take your mind off your own problems and give you a  boost.

Stay in touch with the other ‘yous’
Bad day at work, remember that you are also a parent, partner, son, daughter, member of the tennis club, colleague friend.  Contact people in other areas of your life.  See how they are doing.

Keep a sense of perspective
Ask yourself:  “How much will this matter in a month’s time, or a year’s time?  Nine times out of ten you’ll probably end up feeling quite ridiculous that you have made such a mountain out of a molehill.

Remind yourself the old saying:
“Things will look better tomorrow.” If you are really grouchy, get an early night, read an inspiring book.  Put the day behind you and look forward to the newness that is tomorrow.


Do you have any tips for dealing with lousy days that you would like to share?

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