Creative v Artistic

If you think that to be creative you have also to be artistic – stop it – now!  It isn’t.  Some people are creative artistically – they may have a talent for painting, dancing, acting or playing a musical instrument, and they express their creativity in these ways but we are ALL creative in some way or other.

Maybe you get creative with the contents of your fridge and produce and astonishing meal out of very few ingredients; perhaps you get creative about how to organise your time when your days are tremendously busy.

Give your inborn creativity a chance and it will turn your life around.  I firmly believe that we have an obligation to tap into our creativity and to relish the changes that it brings about in our everyday lives.

What are your natural skills and talents?  What activities do you most enjoy?  Search them out, call up your creative spirit and never look back.  I can help you do that, so take a peek at what goes on this site.   Learn more about creativity and its benefits by going to Benefits Page.

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