Comfort Zone Quiz


You feel that something is wrong in your life and you know that you are lacking the courage or the know-how to make the necessary changes.

You continually make excuses for why you are unable to make changes.

You prefer to continue doing things that you don’t like because the alternative makes you feel afraid.

Do you know that you need to get out of your comfort zone

There has been at least one situation where you preferred to stay inside your unhealthy comfort zone.

There has been at least one situation where you headed back to your unhealthy comfort zone to avoid some unpleasant feelings.

You feel alone and isolated either at work or socially
You would love to feel at ease with life

You doubt yourself and your ability to express yourself adequately.

You shrink away from social situations because you feel you have nothing to say


You are playing an active role at work and socially

You feel comfortable in your own skin

You feel proud of yourself and your achievements

You look forward to social gatherings

You see yourself in a very positive light

You enjoy people getting to know who you are

You enjoy getting to know new people and making new friends

You see yourself equal to the task of saying what you need to say

You are happy to take risks from time to time

You generally take responsibility for your life


In which group of questions have you got more YESES?  More in I – you are in an unhealthy comfort zone, more in II and you are in a more healthy comfort zone.


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