Be the Star Not the Audience

The technique has two phases.

In the first phase, imagine that you are sitting in the cinema waiting for the feature film to start.  You are eating your favourite ice-cream (what flavour is it?) and are feeling nice and warm, comfortable and relaxed.

As the movie begins, you see yourself as the main character. You are in your perfect situation and in full control of the situation. Your body posture and facial expressions exude confidence.  You look calm and poised.  You are doing and saying all the right things.  Nothing diabolical is happening to you.  In fact, it’s a very fine performance.  Ask yourself how you are feeling while you are watching this movie.  What emotions does your performance produce in you when you see yourself in this way?

In the second phase, you are sitting in your seat as before, but this time when the movie begins you stand up and start to walk slowly and purposefully towards the screen.  You approach the screen but instead of stopping you walk right through it and into the scene.  You start to really experience how good it feels and are elated with your performance.  Once your reach the end of the scene you leave the screen and walk calmly and serenely back to your seat, taking with you those positive feelings and congratulating yourself on a job well done.  Be grateful for the outcome.

Back in your cinema seat, re-run the movie.  How does it feel to watch yourself being positive, successful and simply having a wonderful time?  Feel the results.  Are you happy, exhausted, inspired, motivated, and proud of yourself or something else?  Your emotions are your navigation tool so tune into them whenever you can, in every situation.

Write down what you imagined immediately, before you forget what you saw and what you felt.

Make any last minute tweaks and then re-run it at least once a day.

I always love getting your thoughts and comments, so please keep them coming

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