A Nature Meditation

If you are a nature lover then this meditation is most definitely for you.  The natural world is chock full of sights, sounds, smells, feelings and tastes that we can incorporate beautifully into our meditations. If we decide to use nature as a focus, we are embarking on a magical journey.

To start your meditation, find a place to be comfortable. Whether you chose to sit, stand or lie, begin by focusing on your breathing.  You can meditate with your eyes open or closed.  Meditating with your eyes open allows you to focus on a butterfly, a leaf, the flow of a river, the activity of insects, a snow-capped mountain peak – the choice is infinite.   Look at the colours, patterns and movements of nature.  As with all meditations, should your mind wander, simply bring it back to the focus of your attention.  Look at the colours, patterns, movements of nature.  Meditating with eyes closed allows you to use your senses other than sight – senses that we often take for granted.

Use your senses

If you have chosen to lie down for this meditation, focus on the sensations that your body is witnessing.  Is there a breeze on your face?  Is the sun warming your cheek?    What emotions do these sensations trigger?

Then go more deeply.  Is the breeze touching all your face or just one part of it?  Is it a warm or a cool breeze?  Become aware of subtle differences. You could choose to focus on the sounds.  Can you hear birdsong? Are the leaves rustling on the trees? Can you hear water flowing?  Once you identify a sound, go more deeply into it and notice its quality. Is it loud, soft?  Does it have a melodic quality to it?

Avoid the temptation to categorise the sights, sounds and feelings.  Don’t start to wonder what kind of flower you are contemplating or what the air temperature is.  Simply be aware.

Don’t resist any thoughts.  Just let then flow on through your mind.  Acknowledge them and then return to the focus of your meditation.

You might choose to use a different sense each time you meditate in nature.  One time sight, another time feelings, sounds etc.  Whichever you choose, just allow the experiences to open up your awareness.

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