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Vampires – Activity Two

This week's activity: List the 5 most important activities in your life at the moment. How much time did you give to each of these 5 activities in the past week? How much time did you spend doing things for others?

Vampires – Activity One

This week's activity: • Get a nice big piece of paper and draw a big circle on it. • Inside the circle place the topics and activities that you need to protect. • Outside, place the names of any people who are draining time and/or energy from you.

Smiling Activity #3

Here are some activities to help you smile. 1.  Jump on the bed – Go on, it’s OK to do that. It’s not just for kids. You may feel stupid at first, but then you won’t be able to stop smiling. 2.  Smile at the mirror – Go on. I know for a lot of us, taking a good look...

Smiling Activity #2

Sit in a slumped position, let your shoulders droop and your mouth turn down at the corners. Take note of the kind of thoughts that pass through your mind. Maybe things like “This is daft, I’m tired, I don’t feel like doing anything, I think I might be depressed.” Now...

Smiling Activity #1

Next time you go out, look at people’s faces. How many smile at you? How few? The majority of faces are decorated with frowns and scowls – they’re angry, scared, bored. All these things push you away and so if you’re wearing these facial expressions, people will not...

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