A Second Bite of the Cherry

A workshop for people facing life changes – retirement, divorce, job change, unemployment and many other life changing circumstances. The workshop shows you how to look for creative new ways of dealing with the change and how to make it into an opportunity to realise a long-held dream


Out of the Rut and into the Groove

A workshop for anybody who feels trapped inside an unhealthy comfort zone.  The workshop will help anyone who would like to live more fully but is afraid to take that first step.  Learn to take a few risks and feel more in control of your life.



Your Story, Your Voice: Eight Steps to Confident Speaking

A workshop designed and run by Ron Wheatley and Vivien McKnight and combining storytelling and acting techniques.  The workshop is aimed at helping anyone who runs into difficulties in speaking situations, such as dating, speech making, interviews or making small talk.

If you would like to hold a workshop in your area please get in touch with Vivien at if you are in Europe or with in Canada/US



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