What is Creativity Development?

heartDetermined that people should be creative and enjoy the fruits of that creativity, I set out to look at the lives of a great many successful people and discovered that they have so much in common when it comes to turning a dream into a reality or overcoming huge barriers.  Next, I began to design courses and programmes which bring together some of the amazing things that I unearthed.  Creativity Development was born.

The essence of Creativity Development is giving yourself a chance to examine the blocks, doubts and fears that are currently hampering your creative efforts whatever your walk of life.  It gives you a process to help you tune into your creativity and use it to your advantage.  Creativity Development also helps you to establish and reinforce creative habits and put strategies into place that stop you falling by the wayside.

Following the Creativity Development process allows you to learn who you really are and what skills you already possess.    You learn that being creative and being artistic are not necessarily the same and you find the confidence to act on this awareness.

The result for you, the newly creative being, is that life takes on a much rosier glow, whether your creativity is directed towards caring for your family, enjoying more satisfying professional and personal relationships, starting that business that you have always fantasized about, or perhaps seeing your castle in Spain starting to take shape.

You enjoy a greater balance between the personal and professional areas of your life and move beyond the things that have been holding you back.   You emerge from behind a mask and are deservedly recognised for the person that you truly are.

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